Common Myths About Traffic Lights

A traffic light is used to help control traffic. Using them avoids many traffic conflicts and problems that could lead to traffic jams, accidents, and an array of additional chaos. However, there are many myths out there that can impact that safety and proper usage of a traffic light. Read below to learn some of the most common myths about traffic lights and the truth of the matter.

You can use Headlights to Signal the Sensor to Make the Light Turn More Quickly

It is only a myth that your headlights’ location affects the length of time you will sit at a light. Sensors do not detect headlights but there are other ways that they detect traffic.

Pushing the Pedestrian Walk Sign Multiple Times Makes Them Change Faster

Yet another myth that many people tend to believe. Once you press the pedestrian walk button, the traffic lights signals through the remainder of the cycle before you get a walk signal.

Traffic Lights Never Damage

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Professionals are always on the lookout for problems with traffic lights. They can malfunction and stop working at any time. When this happens there is a variety of traffic control equipment denver that can resolve the problem.

Universal Remote Controls Change the Stop Light

Oh, imagine the trouble that we’d be in if only this were true. This is one of those myths that started on the internet and like most things, spread like a wildfire. But it is a myth, as you probably imagined already.

How many of these myths have you heard in the past? Most people have heard at least one of these listed and many others as well. The truth shall you free so if there’s ever any question about traffic lights or how they work, the answers are there if you are willing to find them.